Course curriculum

    1. What is High Performance?

    2. How to Define High Performance

    3. How do I recognize High Performance?

    1. What are High Performance Habits?

    2. How do you Develop High Performance Habits?

    3. How do you Create High Performance Habits

    4. Why High Performance Habits Will Enhance My Performance and Help Me Thrive.

    1. What is Athlete Wellness?

    2. Load Management

    3. Mental Well Being / Mental Health

    4. Life SKills

    5. Personal Development

    6. Why Understanding High Performance Will Help Me Thrive

    1. What is Competitiveness?

    2. How do I manage My Competitiveness?

    3. Why Competitiveness Will Help Me Thrive

    1. What is Character and How do I get it?

    2. What is GRIT and How Do I Get It?

    3. Why Character and GRIT Will Help Me Thrive

    1. What is Optimism and Why Do I Need It?

    2. What is Gratitude and Why Do I Need it?

    3. Why Optimism & Gratitude Will Help Me Thrive?

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